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Terms & Conditions


1.1 In these Terms and Conditions ("Ts &Cs") "Client", "The Company" or Handyman Leicester (the Company) are the parties to the contract with which the Client agrees to the following conditions. The work performed by Handyman Leicester, its employees, representatives and subcontractors is referred to as "Services".

1.2 These terms govern all estimates and quotes given by The Company and all orders, instructions and work authorizations from the Customer. These terms supersede all other terms, and they override or exclude any other conditions stipulated, incorporated, or referred to in the Customer's order, instructions, or any negotiation or course of dealing between the Company and Customer.


2.1 The Company reserves its right to refuse work or accept it at its discretion. When the Company agrees that it will carry out work for the customer, the Company may assign an operative to complete the works at its discretion.

2.2 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions are held by a competent authority as invalid or unenforceable, in whole or part, then the validity of all other provisions will not be affected.

2.3 The Terms and Conditions will be governed by English Law, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and authority of English Courts.

3. CHARGES BY TIME TAKEN (“Rolling Rates”)

3.1 The Company will charge the customer for the materials provided by it (not more than the price of the materials + 25%), plus the time taken by the operative to complete the work both on-site and offsite. This includes all time reasonably spent to obtain unstocked materials.

3.2 Our schedulers estimate the duration and scope of work to be performed to the best their abilities and on the basis of information provided by our customers at the time of booking. The tradesman will assess the scope of the work upon arrival and throughout the job. If more time is needed, the tradesman will notify the client as soon as they can.

3.3 Only the time spent on the client's job will be charged. The client will be charged whether the half-hour period is used in full or part (subject to 1 hour minimum for Early Bird slots or specialist services).

3.4 All charges are subjected to VAT at the current rate.

3.5 The client will be charged the full amount of parking and congestion charges.

3.6 The time required to find materials for a project will either be charged as a flat fee of PS20, or included in the total amount of time needed to complete the project.

3.7 The Company will include Value Added Tax in all quotations and estimates unless otherwise stated. If the Quotation states that Value Added tax is not included, it will be charged in addition if properly chargeable.

3.8 The Company may specify otherwise in its estimate. An estimate is not an exact or fixed price quote. The estimate is based on information provided to The Company and represents a reasonable estimation of the minimum cost for the Works. The Company will calculate the final price based on the information provided in the estimate or, if none is given, according to The Company’s Schedule of Rates at the time that the Works are performed. The price may be raised or lowered below the price specified. The Company also reserves the right, before completing the Works, to increase the price by the amount equal to any increase in The Company's cost for relevant materials, labour or equipment rental or transportation since the date of The Company estimate.

3.9 Any estimate given by The Company, whether verbally or in written form, is subject to withdrawal at any time by The Company before receiving an unqualified acceptance by the Customer. It shall be considered withdrawn unless accepted by the customer within thirty (30 days) of its date.


4.1 By definition, there is no way to accurately predict how long it will be before a problem can be found and solved. The Company will recommend an initial visit in order to investigate the problem. The tradesman will explain what has been done to investigate the problem if it is not discovered during the initial visit. The initial visit will be fully charged if the tradesman has brought his expertise to bear and made progress towards a solution by ruling out certain possibilities. The Company will then recommend a second booking for the continuation of the investigation.

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