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Frequently Asked Questions

Our handyman services FAQ covers common inquiries about our offerings. Discover details on the scope of our services, pricing structure, availability, and booking process. Learn about our team's qualifications, insurance coverage, and safety protocols. Find answers regarding project timelines, guarantees, and customer satisfaction policies. If you have more questions or need personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to our friendly team for comprehensive support and guidance.

With over a decade of expertise, Handyman Leicester has been meeting Leicester residents’ needs reliably. Don’t compromise on your home; trust our skilled and professional team for top-notch workmanship.
Please fill out the form on our site with your details. Call us at 01164300319
Our trained team can estimate the time needed for straightforward tasks and provide a quote for more complex work.
Opting to source materials yourself can lead to cost savings. However, if you prefer, we can procure materials for you, subject to a 20% surcharge on material costs.
Certainly! Our team members don our uniform and carry identification. They are skilled, dedicated tradespeople who prioritize customer satisfaction.
You can fill in the booking form on our website with your requirements. You can also call us on 01164300319.
Providing a photo of the job aids us in estimating time, tools, and materials needed. We recommend having additional small tasks ready in case our tradesmen finish early, maximizing their time on-site.
For half-day or full-day bookings, a flat rate applies. Standard bookings are charged per half hour, with a minimum of one hour for plumbers and electricians. If a 2-hour booking finishes in 1 hour, you’ll only be charged for 1 hour.
We schedule a one-hour arrival window, such as 10:30 to 11:30. Navigating Leicestershire and the Home Counties can be unpredictable. Our team, whether in vans or on scooters, knows their routes well, but road conditions can vary. This flexibility ensures we can meet your needs without any inconvenience.
Our tradesman will present a work ticket outlining the completed tasks and any additional charges like materials or parking fees. Upon your approval of the total amount, you can sign the ticket, and payment will be processed over the phone. A receipt will be promptly emailed to you for your records.
While uncommon, if any issues arise, please contact us promptly. We are committed to resolving concerns and ensuring your satisfaction for future engagements.
A 48-hour notice is necessary for canceling or rescheduling a confirmed booking; otherwise, a late notice fee will be incurred. For bookings at our fixed day rate or scheduled after 6 pm or on Saturdays, the fee equals the total estimated value. Other bookings face a late notice charge of £20+VAT.
This information is solely for booking confirmation; no charges will be applied until the completion of the work. You have the flexibility to use an alternate payment method if desired.
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