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Need a Handyman in Leicester? Welcome to Handyman Leicester.

Handyman Leicester Process

Our handyman services process begins with a thorough assessment of your needs. We then develop a tailored plan and provide a transparent quote. Once approved, our skilled professionals execute the tasks efficiently and with precision. We ensure regular communication throughout the project and conduct a final inspection to guarantee quality. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations every step of the way.

How It Works

There is an issue that requires attention in your home or on your premises.

You can capture images to assist us in comprehending the necessary task or maintenance required.

We accept payment via card or cash.

For complex or sizable projects, we offer complimentary quotes from our electricians, plumbers, or handymen, who will be sent to your location.

If its a simple job, we'll quote your job virtually, we can book an appointment for our tradesmen who will come and do the work.

Our scheduling team will determine the duration of your visit based on the details you provide and will allocate a time slot accordingly.

We typically allocate an hour for arrival to account for potential traffic delays, particularly in central Leicester.

When the tradesman arrives, he will show you his I.D.

Upon arrival, he will consistently evaluate the task to ascertain if it may require more time than originally anticipated.

Upon completion of the work, the tradesman will present you with the job ticket detailing the tasks performed and a breakdown of costs. You will be requested to sign the ticket.

A receipt will be automatically emailed when he takes your card payment.

If the work performed is not up to standard, we will make sure that it is rectified at no cost.

We wish you a long and happy relationship with our company.

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