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Handyman Installations Service

Installations In Leicester

Need to install a new 2-way switch or plug socket? Handyman Leicester is at your service. Many homes lack sufficient outlets for electrical devices, or existing outlets may not be convenient or powerful enough. Converting outlets to double or triple sockets can effectively address this issue.

Our electricians in Leicester specialize in installing new plug sockets and switches, upgrading one-way switches to two-way, installing chased-in and surface-mounted wiring, adding new lighting including ceiling lights, creating new spurs from existing circuits, installing chandeliers, pendant lights, and various other electrical services.

If you're considering upgrading plug sockets to ones with USB ports or more powerful outlets for laptop and phone charging, Handyman Leicester can assist. Whether it's installing surface-mounted cabling or wiring a new lighting circuit during a home renovation, our highly experienced electricians ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks.

Leicester's electricians at Handyman are adept at replacing bulbs, sockets, testing appliances, fixing lighting, and trunking issues.

Professional Installation Services - Handyman Leicester
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