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Handyman Repairs Services

Leicester Expert Repairs Service

Handyman Leicester has skilled plumbers in Leicester for residential and commercial plumbing repairs, including fixing leaking pipes, taps, toilets, kitchen faucets, ceramic basins, and sinks since 2014.

We handle a wide range of plumbing issues, from dripping taps and leaks to cold radiators and faulty shower pumps. Our services include repairing pipework, fixing connections and joints, addressing traps and wastes, balancing radiators, tap repairs, and toilet maintenance.

Please let us know if local water isolation is viable, as it enables targeted repairs without draining the entire system. When feasible, the isolation valve should be located within 50cm of the affected area.

Apart from handling plumbing repairs, our certified plumbers provide various other plumbing services like kitchen sink installation, toilet replacement, garden tap installation, white goods appliance fitting, shower replacement, and kitchen sink and basin unblocking.

Handyman Leicester offers extra services like grouting repair, office furniture assembly, tile drilling, cistern boxing, transformer replacement, wood flooring installation, and more.

Leicester Expert Repairs Service - Handyman Leicester
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