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Leicester Flooring Services

Handyman Carpentry Services

Reliable Leicester Flooring Services

Get Leicester carpenters for flooring installation. Our team handles all carpentry tasks, from laying sub-flooring to installing real wood flooring or wood-effect tiles. Fill out our form or call 01164300319 for a free booking.

There are numerous ways to transform your room or office, such as painting it a different color, rearranging furniture, or installing new flooring. Handyman Leicester is ready to assist with all your room improvement needs.

Changing your flooring during a room renovation is often underestimated. Yet, altering your floor layout can create a sense of spaciousness or add depth to a small room. The floor pattern and type of flooring you select significantly influence the final outcome.

Wood flooring can be installed in various ways. Opt for a straightforward appearance with a straight-line pattern or add flair with a diagonal layout. The herringbone pattern involves diagonal flooring placement, while a random pattern incorporates wood boards of different widths in a straight line.

Choose from a diverse selection of flooring types, including solid wood, dark wood, birch, walnut (PVC), and amtico flooring services. There’s a wide variety available to suit your home or business needs. Handyman Leicester offers assistance with additional carpentry projects like shelf construction, kitchen unit assembly, and flooring ideas. Contact us at 01164300319 for inquiries or fill out our form for a complimentary estimate.

Leicester Flooring Services​
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